Healthy workplace

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More and more people spend a lot of time sitting in offices. Lack of activity causes up to 95% of all back pain. The correct table height prevents bad back posture and relieves the weight of your arms leading to muscle relief. Sitting is an unnatural body position for a person, thus it is preferred to balance sitting and standing work. The optimal solution is an electric height-adjustable desk, which enables an effortless and quick change of position. A frequent change of position eliminates health problems, brings a pleasant feeling at work and increases efficiency. This is a very healthy and modern way of working in the office.

We have expanded our offer of electric height-adjustable desks. The new ELM electric desks are affordable, stable, quiet and easy to assemble. Delivery time is 3-4 weeks.

Getting an electrically adjustable desk as one of the most important ergonomic products will pay off very quickly.